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What is a Fidget Spinner?

So there has been a huge craze going around for some time recently about fidget spinners. In this post, we are going to share more about what is a fidget spinner and how they work.


To start off, fidget spinners are small toys which has a ball bearing in the center for spinning (Example in the photo above). The center is held by two fingers while the other fingers spin the toy. This momentum of the spin creates a soothing and sensual feeling for the user. The main purpose of this toy is actually to aid people with ADHD, autism and anxiety issues. For example, if you are someone who likes to play with your pen or has fidgety hands, this toy will be suitable for you. In addition, a fidget spinner helps one to improve concentration and focus.

The trend of fidget spinners arise from almost nowhere. Last year, there was almost no searches for the term “fidget spinner”. But now, these toys are banned in classrooms and they even have their own forum on various sites. Many children have been bringing their fidget spinners to class and playing them during lessons. This served as a huge distraction from the teachers’ point of view.

There has been a great debate on whether fidget spinners actually aid ADHD problems or only serve as a distraction. Another big question is also if fidget spinners will only be a fad. Regardless of their utility, fidget spinners have kindled a discussion about attention spans in children and how to aid them in focusing. Although there is no concrete data showing that children have less attention span than in the past, some research showed that attention spans have declined with the rise of multitasking due to the digital growth. Psychologists have stated that approaches to aid attention span include fidget tools and activity breaks. However, many children are using fidget spinners as toys instead of tools. Videos on YouTube are flooded with fidget spinner tricks and stunts.

It’s for certain that certain fidgeting toys aid children with autism. Therapists usually use toys like clays, koosh balls and putties to calm children with sensory-processing issues. Movement can also help ADHD patients with their attention span. However, there are still no solid studies that specifically look at ┬áthe benefits of fidget spinners. But there is one thing for sure, it is one crazy toy that everyone is engrossed in. As Singapore’s Fidget Spinner Enthusiasts, we totally agree with it! If you are one too, check out our fidget spinners here!