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How To Maintain and Clean your Fidget Spinner

To all fidget spinner owners and enthusiasts out there, we all know that this miniature EDC (everyday carry) toy is extremely obsessive and enjoyable. Spin it between your fingers, balance it on your fingers, on a table and even do tricks with it. There are boundless different ways of playing with it and that is what makes it addictive.

However, over time, you may realize that your fidget spinner will not spin as well as before. The main culprits of this are dust particles and dirt. When these pesky debris accumulate in your spinner’s bearing, they add friction and hinder the bearing’s movement which will result in a slower spin time.

Cleaning Your Fidget Spinner

First and foremost, you will have to remove the bearing from your fidget spinner which is located between the center two caps. The caps are either screwed on or press-fitted into the bearing. Simply unscrew the caps or pull them off whichever way they are fitted with. Soak your bearing in lukewarm water for 10 minutes and then rinsing it under your tap. The lukewarm water will break up the lubricant and oil used in the bearing. After rinsing, add soap to the bearing and rotate both the inner and outer rings of the bearing to ensure they are covered well in the soap. The soap will further loosen the oil trapped in the bearing. Do this for 2 minutes and then rise the soap off thoroughly under a running tap.

Adding some isopropyl alcohol into the bearing will be highly recommended for a smooth and lasting spin. It will totally be up to you if you decide not to add it anyway. To dry the bearing, try using a microfiber cloth so that no particles from the cloth will re-enter the bearing. Finally, use compressed air or a hairdryer to fully and thoroughly dry your bearing. You can now place your bearing back and take your spinner for a test. If it still does not spin as smoothly or longer, repeat the steps above.

Avoid Using Oil or Lubricant

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There are many articles and videos out there advising people to add oil and lubricants such as WD40 to their bearings for a longer and faster spin. This is definitely not the way. In fact, oiling or lubricating your bearings will make it spin even slower. What lubricating does to the bearing is that it quietens your spinner’s spin but heavily reduces its speed. Moreover, an oily bearing attracts more dirt and dust debris to the bearing which will greatly affect its spin performance. So if your fidget spinner came oiled or lubricated, you may want to try the steps above to improve its overall efficiency.