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All You Need to Know About Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners originated in 2016 but hit the top most popular toy this year! They are exceedingly sensational and are one of the most intriguing extraordinary trend we have all witnessed in recent years. Ranging from as cheap as a dollar to up to even hundreds and thousands of dollars, they come in many various sizes and shapes. One may find it ridiculous to be paying so much for a toy that just spins, but of course, coming from fidget spinner enthusiasts ourselves, the cheaper versions stand no chance compared to the premium ones. Let us take a closer review at these crazily sought-after toys and why are they so in demand.

How can a Fidget Spinner help you?

As the name suggests, fidget spinners are toys meant for fidgeting. It can be used anywhere, from a classroom to an office. If you are one with itchy fingers or likes to play with your pen, this is the perfect toy for you. A fidget spinner keeps your fingers occupied and at the same time relieving the urge of fidgeting. Filthy habits like biting of nails can also be satisfied with a fidget spinner. It has also been said that a fidget spinner can help with ADHD to improve concentration. A plus point to a fidget spinner is that it can be spun with the use of only one hand, which leaves the other hand free to work on anything need be. Lastly, speaking from a fidget spinner enthusiast, it is an extremely entertaining toy with limitless boundaries of tricks. It is a more than a toy, it is a community where enthusiasts and fanatics gather to showcase tricks and a variety of unique spinners.

The different types of Fidget Spinners

plastic fidget spinners

The first thing that comes to mind about fidget spinners are that they shaped triangular shaped with rounded edges and three bearings on each side. Those are the traditional spinners made out of plastic or sometimes called ABS spinners. These plastic spinners are the most affordable versions which can cost as low as a dollar a piece. A 3D-printer can also design and produce a cheap fidget spinner whichever way you like. Usually, the traditional plastic fidget spinners cater to those who are curious about what a fidget spinner is as well as being economical.

However, there are great differences between the cheap plastic versions compared to the metal ones. A common plastic one would spin for about 1-2 minutes at most, but premium quality metal spinners can go up to even 10 minutes’ worth of spin time! That is a factor many will want to go after. Some common factors enthusiasts like about fidget spinners are their spin time and how fast they can spin. Usually, these spinners utilize a R188 bearing which is the smallest of all bearings but comes with stunning performance. Coupled with its weight and a good bearing, metal spinners clock superb spin times and are sought after by many.

variety of fidget spinners

Even within the metal spinners, there are different categories and tiers available. Common metals used in fidget spinners are steel, copper, brass, iron and aluminium. There are rare versions which even use titanium and gold that cost more than hundreds of dollars. Fidgetability and comfort are important aspects in the eyes of a fidget spinner enthusiast. A good fidget spinner should be well balanced and designed to provide comfort for the fingers. Its edges should be rounded and curved to provide a good grip for flicking.

lighter fidget spinner

Bizarre versions of fidget spinners include those combined with everyday carry items. An example will be a lighter incorporated with a fidget spinner or even spinners which can be used as bottle openers as well. These unique and uncommon variants encourage fidgeting even in our normal everyday lives.

Why go Premium

A common question many will ask is “Why should I pay so much when I can get a fidget spinner at a price ten times cheaper?”. The answer is quality. We all know that China offers all various types of spinners with low prices but you will never be able to get the same quality of one being manufactured in the US. Team Fidjit has sourced a wide range of fidget spinners from all over the world and we can safely say that the ones made in US are the best. Nothing comes close to the quality and performance their spinners bring. If you are someone who is into fidget spinners, we will advise you to pay a little more and get a premium one.

Here at Fidjit Singapore, we import all our spinners from the US to ensure top grade quality and performance. As fanatics and enthusiasts ourselves, we know what it is like to have a cheap version which just do not offer the same feel. While we do not know if the trend of fidget spinners will continue in the future, what we know for sure is that this toy is not only a very good option to curb fidgeting but an exceptionally amusing entertainment as well.